Bank Guarantee Advisory Services

A Bank Guarantee (BG) is an authorisation from a lending institution which establishes that the liabilities of a buyer will be met; it is the accountability of the bank for covering the due, if the buyer cannot settle the balance due. With bank guarantees, you and your company have the ability to safely fund your needs during important transactions and effectively raise your investment probable. In short, A Bank Guarantee consists of a Bank/Financial institution offering to repay a debtor’s liabilities in case the debtor fails to do so.
With a bank guarantee, funds are safe and secured and only paid if the other party in the contract fulfils the designated commitments agreed upon. Thus, you and your company can be insured during international transactions/trades should loss or damage occur due to an uncooperative party.


• Risk of private transactions in arriving countries is reduced.
• Blunt risks that the private sector does not control.
• Opens new markets and increases investment potential.
• Improves your company’s project supportability and efficiency.
There are many common problematic risks clients come across when dealing with international exports/imports: jumbled lines of communication; cash flow difficulties from the buyer; damaged/lost goods from the seller.
BG’s ensure that your company can avoid any of the following possible risks:
• Credit and/or settlement risk
• Foreign countries, political, currency and/or border policies
• Faulty manufacturing, delivery and/or poor performance
A bank guarantee can allocate these risks and function as a defence for both parties of a transaction, providing insurance in the event that conditions settled under a contract cannot be carried out by anyone. With 100% cash-backed BG’s and relationships with only top world banks,

What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers?

We provide Bank Guarantee Services in a timely manner, while saving the clients from complicated paperwork. A Bank Guarantee can be issued by us for a period of one year and one day (minimum being 6 months) and can be extended till the time period of five years. We provide below mention product services under Bank guarantee advisory services.
• Performance Guarantee
• Advance Payment Guarantee
• Retention Money Guarantee
• Payment Guarantee
• Facility Guarantee
• Maintenance Guarantee
• Customs Guarantee
• Shipping Guarantee

Working Capital Financing

Business Financial Services/Working capital financing is essential to any growing business. It helps keep your business current and competitive in your market. If you have commercial real estate or equipment that produces an income for your business, you can obtain working capital financing that can help pay down credit lines or accounts payable, freeing up money for growth opportunities. Before attempting to obtain this type of loan make sure that you have established good business credit scores. These credit scores will make a big difference when the lending institution is determining whether to give your business the money that it needs to succeed.
Working capital is a financial metric which represents operating liquidity available to a business, organization, or other entity, Along with fixed assets such as plant and equipment, working capital is considered a part of operating capital. If current assets are less than current liabilities, an entity has a working capital deficiency, also called a working capital deficit. Net working capital is working capital minus cash (which is a current asset) and minus interest bearing liabilities (i.e. short term debt). It is a derivation of working capital that is commonly used in valuation techniques such as DCFs (Discounted cash flows).
Working capital is used for many different purposes in a small business. It covers the costs of advertising, growth and expansion. It might be used for payroll, inventory purchases, handling debt or funding renovations. Access to working capital as needed could literally mean the difference between success and failure in any business.

What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers?

We offer Business Financial Services/Working Capital Financing service, under which, finance is provided to already established and working business entities. As the name suggests, this services offered additional capital to the firms to expand, upgrade and diversify their operations. The transparency in transactions, no backdoor charges and simple terms and conditions on which we provide finance, makes us the prime provider of Working Capital Financing Service from Delhi.
Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP use its relationship network with all the banks and Institutions to tie up working capital facilities for our clients. The scope of arranging such limits extends from preparation of the CMA till the final sanction of limits. The limits would be arranged either through the multiple banking routes or through the consortium route, depending upon the size of the facility.

Lease Rental Discounting

Lease Rental Discounting (LRD) is means the loan schemes provided by banks under which a loan can be obtained by any applicant against his her leases property. An applicant obtains loan against his/her leased property. Under Lease Rental Discounting (LRD), the borrower pledges the forthcoming rental collection from the leased property to the bank for loan repayment. Lease Rental Discounting (LRD) is typically offered against commercial properties.
Lease Rental Discounting (LRD) is particularly profitable for the builders/developers who make a huge investment in raising a commercial property for rent/lease purposes. The investments of the builders are in a way sealed as the returns are attained only in the form of rentals. Thus, by engaging their upcoming rentals from property, they opt for Lease Rental Discounting (LRD) from banks. Banks also ensure that the future rental earnings from the property are secured before offering Lease Rental Discounting (LRD). The various factors that a bank keeps in mind while offering Lease Rental Discounting (LRD) are:
• Credit worthiness of the lessee in terms of rent paying capacity.
• Location of the property with regards to factors such as growth & expansion prospects, presence of other industries, civic amenities, etc.
• Profile of the lessee.
• One of the most important points that a bank keeps in mind is that in no way it should be facilitating the conversion of black money into white through LRD.
The legibility of the loan under LRD is computed by taking 70-75% of the net rental income and segregating it by per lakhs EMI of the tenure of left over years in the lease rent agreement. Banks generally open a deed account along with the applicant. The rental/lease income is credited into this account and EMIs are reduced pit of it.

Trade Finance Advisory Services


Factoring provides a working capital solution and operates in much the same way as invoice discounting except this type of funding is a “disclosed” facility which means that your customers will be fully aware of the factor’s existence. Factors typically advance 80% to 85% of the face value of valid invoices. A trade finance mechanism whereby an exporter sells its export receivables (bills of exchange or promissory notes, or simply issued invoices, which the exporter is selling on an open account basis) at a discount. The company purchasing the receivables is called a factor. Factors are normally specialized financial services companies, but many are owned by banks. Normally, after the factor has purchased a receivable, the importer or buyer pays the factor directly. Some factors actually issue the invoices to buyers and, in effect, operate the exporter’s sale ledgers. Some factors operate on a non-recourse basis i.e. they assume the risk of non-payment. Less frequently, the factor will take recourse to the exporter for all or part of the sums involved in the event of non-payment or delayed payment by the buyer.


Buyer’s credit is the credit availed by an Importer (Buyer) from overseas Lenders i.e. Banks and Financial Institutions for payment of his Imports on due date. The overseas Banks usually lend the Importer (Buyer) based on the letter of Credit (a Bank Guarantee) issued by the Importers (Buyer’s) Bank. In fact the Importers Bank brokers between the Importer and the overseas lender for arranging buyers credit by issuing its Letter of Comfort for a fee. Buyer’s credit helps local importers access to cheaper foreign funds close to LIBOR rates as against local sources of funding which are costly compared to LIBOR rates.


LC Discount is Letter of Credit Discount. The Letter of Credit from the prime banks or financial institutions is considered as a complete security. A Letter of Credit is a letter from Bank guaranteeing that a buyer’s payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amount. Let’s consider that the consignee wants to pay you after 90 days after it reaches him. But you want to be paid immediately after the documents are accepted. The banks will offer to pay you on a discount basis, meaning that they deduct a percentage from the value owing to you, which they keep as the cost of discounting; you get paid immediately the value less that the discount


The Bill discounting company (discounter or Bill discounter) will buy the trade debts (also known as accounts receivables, or your sales ledger) of the business at an agreed funding rate. Discounters typically advance 80% to 85% of the face value of valid invoices, for example. A company raises new sales invoices of Rs 1,00,000. Based on the 85% advance it would generate a cash injection of Rs 85,000. This releases working capital that would otherwise be “locked up” and provides immediate cash flow enabling you to pay creditors and use that cash for expansion and growth.
The discounter will then continue to provide you with up to 85% of the value of new sales invoices, normally within 24 hours of you raising them. The other 15% of the value of your sales invoices is passed onto you (minus fees) when the customer pays.
There are some circumstances where overpayments can be arranged, however this type of advance will be determined on the basis of how the facility has been maintained and if a successful and trustworthy transactional history has been built up. Once the facility is in place, there is no limit to the amount you can borrow as the level of finance is directly linked to the level of sales. So as your business grows so does the amount of funding available to you. This is in sharp contrast to bank overdrafts, which require regular re-negotiation and arrangement fees.
Invoice discounting facilities are normally made available to established businesses with handsome turnovers which have good systems in place to ensure reliable collections from their customers.


The fundamental difference between invoice discounting and factoring is that you are responsible for the collection of cash from your debtors. The payments that you receive are paid into a nominee bank account which is administered by the invoice discounter. Where a Confidential Invoice Discounting facility (CID) is in place your customers are unaware that a discounter is funding your business. For any business the potential for bad debt will always be an issue. If you are concerned about bad debts, many discounting companies can provide a facility that will include bad debt insurance protection for additional security.


The most suitable candidates for factoring and invoice discounting are growing businesses because the level of funding grows proportionately as turnover increases. However, if you are using traditional loan and overdraft facilities which the bank will not increase, then this type of facility will provide a solution for cash flow.
Although this is a relatively low cost way of increasing your cash flow it would be wise to examine the costs of alternative options before entering into an agreement. Also, debt finance providers tend to prefer firms which receive invoices where it is clear that the goods or services have been delivered and where few payment disputes or credit notes have occurred.
A potentially costly mistake which some companies make when arranging a factoring service is picking the first provider they come across. There are so many providers that simply looking on the internet will probably not get you the best deal.

What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers?

We provide one of the best Trade Financing Services in the India. Trade Financing is normally associated with all kinds of one-off transactional deals or revolving lines of credit, which may involve over lapping individual type transactions requiring a larger credit line to cater for, continuous business.

Letter Of Credit

Letter of credit is a document issued by a financial institution, used primarily in trade finance, which usually provides an irrevocable payment undertaking. Letters of credit are used primarily in international trade transactions of significant value, for deals between a supplier in one country and a customer in another. Letter of credit, in a broad perspective, is one of the payment methods in international trade. Letters of credit is the only payment method, which has a balanced risk structure for both parties.


Commercial letters of credit:

Commercial letters of credit are mainly used as a primary payment tool in international trade such as exporting and importing transactions. Majority of commercial letters of credit are issued subject to the latest version of UCP (Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits). The ICC publishes UCP, which are the set of rules that governs the commercial letters of credit procedures.

Standby letters of credit:

Commercial letters of credit are a means of payment to be utilized when the principal perform its duties. A Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is a painless form of asset enhancement, effectively increasing your investment potential. Whether conducting business domestically or internationally, An SBLC can support your transactions in a myriad of ways, allowing your company to reach its investment project goals simply and securely.

Revocable letters credit:

Revocable letters of credit give issuer the amendment or cancellation right of the credit any time without prior notice to the beneficiary. Since revocable letters of credit do not provide any protection to the beneficiary, they are not used frequently. In addition, UCP 600 has no reference to revocable letters of credit. All credits issued subject to UCP 600 are irrevocable unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

Irrevocable letters of credit:

Irrevocable Letters of Credit cannot be amended or cancelled without the agreement of the credit parties. Unconfirmed irrevocable letters of credit cannot be modified without the written consent of both the issuing bank and the beneficiary. Confirmed irrevocable letters of credit need also confirming bank’s written consent in order any modification or cancellation to be effective.

Other Letters Of Credit:



• Buyer
• Issuing Bank
• Advising Bank
• Seller (Beneficiary)


• Buyer and seller agree to terms including means of transport, period of credit offered (if any), and latest date of shipment acceptable.
• Buyer applies to bank for issue of letter of credit. Bank will evaluate buyer’s credit standing, and may require cash cover and/or reduction of other lending limits.
• Issuing bank issues LC, sending it to the Advising bank by airmail or electronic means such as telex or SWIFT.
• Advising bank establishes authenticity of the letter of credit using signature books or test codes, then informs seller (beneficiary).
• Seller should now check that LC matches commercial agreement and that all its terms and conditions can be satisfied.
• Seller ships the goods, then assembles the documents called for in the LC (invoice, transport document, etc.).
• The Advising bank checks the documents against the LC. If the documents are compliant, the bank pays the seller and forwards the documents to the Issuing bank.
• The Issuing bank now checks the documents itself. If they are in order, it reimburses the seller’s bank immediately.
• The Issuing bank debits the buyer and releases the documents (including transport document), so the buyer can claim the goods from the carrier.


A key principle underlying letter of credit (L/C) is that banks deal only in documents and not in goods. The decision to pay under a letter of credit will be based entirely on whether the documents presented to the bank appear on their face to be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit.

Transport Documents:

• Transport Document Covering at Least Two Different Modes of Transport (multimodal or combined transport document)
• Bill of Lading
• Non-Negotiable Sea Waybill
• Charter Party Bill of Lading
• Air Transport Document
• Road, Rail or Inland Waterway Transport Documents

Insurance Documents:

• Insurance Policy
• Insurance Certificate
• Open Cover

Financial Documents:

• Bill of exchange (Draft)

Commercial Documents:

• Commercial Invoice
• Packing List; Weight List
• Inspection Certificate
• Certificate of Analysis

Official Documents:

• Certificate of Origin
• Health Certificate
• Consular Invoice, Legalized Invoice

What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers?

We have an extensive experience in assisting and issuing Letters of Credit (LC) from financial institution. Our representatives are greatly skilled in providing Letter of Credit (LC) consultancy and can tailor this versatile financial instrument to fit your company’s current funding needs.
Letters of credit accomplish their purpose by substituting the credit of the bank for that of the customer, for the purpose of facilitating trade. There are basically two types: commercial and standby. The commercial letter of credit is the primary payment mechanism for a transaction, whereas the letter of credit is a secondary payment mechanism.
• Help maintain investment plans and optimize cash flow by freeing up company funds which might otherwise be locked up as deposits- Support the payment of financial obligations and/or agreements
• Ease the establishment of new business relationships
• Maintain capital for company business needs
• Expedite trade and transactions both domestically and internationally
• Mitigate common international trading risks
• Reduce costs; the LC is typically less costly than other modes of guarantee and are faster and simpler

Unsecured Business Loan

Unsecured Business Loan, as the name explains is a type of loan that doesn’t require collateral and guarantor for period of 3 to 4 yrs. In case of unsecured business loans, here is no requirement of any collateral from the borrower. However, while availing an unsecured business loan, the borrower needs to pay a high interest rate. Moreover, the loan amount is taken for a smaller tenure when compared to a secured loan.

What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers?

Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP is a trusted name when it comes to highly reliable Unsecured Business Loans. We assist in getting Unsecured Business Loans of different amounts to up-coming and already established business enterprises. We assist in getting unsecured loans for different purposes like establishment, expansion and up-gradation and infrastructure diversification. The simple terms and conditions and low interest rate of the unsecured loans provided by us have made us popular among the business and corporate circles. We can arrange this fund from various banks & NBFC’s at a one time.

Loan Against Property / Mortgage 

Loan for or against Property is a secured loan. You could use value of that by opting for equitable mortgage loan if you acquire any commercial or residential property. The property papers are taken as security for a loan at a much lesser rate than personal loan. The ownership of the property is retained by you. In case of inability to repay the loan the property could be disposed off to repay dues.
It is significant to recognize that a loan against property is quite different from a mortgage. While a mortgage is a bank loan taken to purchase a property, a loan against property is a loan guaranteed from the bank by putting up your existing property as a security against the loan.
Depending upon the existing market conditions, the paid up value of the property and other factors, the value of the loan against property can be anywhere between 40-60 % of the property value. Build a safe future and Cash in on your smart prior investments. Get a property loan and utilise it for any type of needs.

What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers?

Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP is tied up with multiple banks in India in regards of Loan against Property. We help you in getting hassle free Loan in a very competitive market rate. Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP expert team assists you in the following area:
• To get most reasonable interest rates from the different banks.
• Help you in selecting the convenient rate selection.
• Assists you in documentation and loan application.
• Loans to salaried and self-employed.
• Get maximum finance against your property.
• The loan amount can be repaid in simple EMIs as per the tenure you choose.
• Flexible/Maximum loan tenure.
• Help you throughout the process duration.
• We will be with you till you get your loan amount.

Assistance In Preparing Business Plan

Business plan is a written summary for a start up or an existing business venture’s growth plans, manufacturing / servicing capabilities, marketing opportunities and strategy and managers’ skills and abilities. There is no substitution of a well-prepared business plan, and there are no shortcuts for creating it. A Business Plan bridges the gap from where we are and where we want to go. It indicates the direction that where the company is going in, what its objectives are, where it wants to be, and how it’s going to get there.
Formulating a business plan can be considered to be a multi-stage process, the result of which is a multi-faceted document generally built with the twin goals of proving the logic of financing (equity or debt) the business.
Entrepreneurs normally are described as risk takers who take chances based on a gut feeling. However, it needs careful planning and preparation when you are investing money or asking another to invest money. A business plan organizes all the essential elements needed to establish a business and continue a successful business in a simple format. It is also the tool you will present to lenders to convince them to take a risk on your business and offer you with financing. Thus, it must be extremely thorough and thought provoking.
Remember, aside from the general business plan goals, every business plan is unique. Your plan should involve all the relevant information, but be customized for your business. Eventually, we should focus on the content and not the number of pages.
Once complete, the business plan should determine the expectations you have for your new or existing business. If you plan to utilize the plan to procure finance, the completed plan should “tell the story” of your business to a potential lender. The plan should serve as a unique document in which all business issues are taken into consideration without requiring additional verbal explanation. Review your plan regularly and make appropriate modifications when your plans and strategies change.
Business plans are considered as decision-making tools. No fixed content and format is required to be followed when formulating a business plan. It is a creative document reflecting the business objectives, their relevance to market and industry and the organizational plan is to attain these goals.
A well-structured Business Plan is formulated to facilitate confidence from the proposed venture capitalists / Financial Institutions to plough in money into the venture which shall ideally outcome a good return over a period of time to the owner of business.


The business plan describes an entrepreneur’s idea or a company’s past and current operations and then demonstrates how the request for an investment or loan will enhance the company goals and reward the investor. However, the most essential function of the business plan is to communicate your goals and guide your company.
• Table of Contents
• Executive Summary
• Business Description
• Industry Background
• Competitor Analysis
• Manufacturing & Marketing Plan
• Management Summary
• Financial Plan
• Key Business Growth Drivers
• Funding required & its proposed utilization
• Summary

What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers?

We at Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP, have the required talent and experience to provide you assistance with developing a clear, concise and impressive Business Plan which can help you get the requisite finance for growth of your business. We have experience of working with entrepreneurs and business setups around a globe to develop a Business Plan for their business ventures.
We are proficient in developing an iterative financial model in excel to project cash flows and profitability of the business venture for the next 5-7 years to come. This is an integral part of developing a Business Plan as the financials need to be a part of the Plan to be discussed with the proposed lenders. This makes it essential to have iterations run on key business growth drivers in order to assess the financial viability of the business and how the growth strategy and operations boils down to a reasonable stakeholder return expectation.
We value our clients’ data security and encourage signing Non-Disclosure Agreements with you to assure complete data security of all confidential information being shared with us during the job and would remain between us only.

External Commercial Borrowing

ECB (External Commercial Borrowings) is a mechanism used in India to assist the access to foreign money by Indian corporations and PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings). ECBs include commercial bank loans, buyers’ credit, suppliers’ credit, securitized instruments such as Floating Rate Notes and Fixed Rate Bonds etc., credit from official export credit agencies and commercial borrowings from the private sector window of Multilateral Financial Institutions such as International Finance Corporation (Washington), ADB, AFIC, CDC, Euro-issues include Euro-convertible bonds and GDR etc. ECBs cannot be used for investment in stock market or speculation in real estate. For infrastructure and Greenfield projects, funding up to 50% (through ECB) is allowed. In telecom sector too, up to 50% funding through ECBs is allowed. External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) include bank loans, suppliers’ and buyers’ credits, fixed and floating rate bonds (without convertibility) and borrowings from private sector windows of multilateral Financial Institutions such as International Finance Corporation.
The DEA (Department of Economic Affairs), Ministry of Finance, Government of India along with Reserve Bank of India, monitors and regulates ECB guidelines and policies. In India, External Commercial Borrowings are being permitted by the Government for providing an additional source of funds to Indian corporate and PSUs for financing expansion of existing capacity and as well as for fresh investment, to augment the resources available domestically. ECBs can be used for any purpose (rupee-related expenditure as well as imports) except for investment in stock market and speculation in real estate. The rupee interest rates have traditionally been much higher than rates prevailing in the international markets. Under these circumstances it makes sense to borrow in currencies other than the rupee, as it gives the advantage of lower interest rate.


The important aspect of ECB policy is to provide flexibility in borrowings by Indian corporate, at the same time maintaining prudent limits for total external borrowings. The guiding principles for ECB Policy are to keep maturities long, costs low, and encourage infrastructure and export sector financing which are crucial for overall growth of the economy. The ECB policy focuses on three aspects:
• Eligibility criteria for accessing external markets.
• The total volume of borrowings to be raised and their maturity structure.
• End use of the funds raised.


RBI guidelines now allow corporate to borrow the funds required for its capital expenditure in foreign currencies from international markets to take advantage of lower interest rates and of rise in the rupee.

• External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) encompass commercial bank loans, buyers’ credit, suppliers’ credit, securitized instruments such as floating rate notes and fixed rate bonds, credit from official export credit agencies, foreign currency convertible bonds and commercial borrowings from the private sector lending arms of multilateral financial institutions-for instance, the International Finance Corporation and the Asian Development Bank etc. The ECB policy is monitored and updated by RBI on a regular basis, according to the macroeconomic conditions and foreign exchange liquidity situation.
• ECBs are being permitted by the Government as a source of finance for Indian Corporate for expansion of existing capacity as well as for fresh investment.
• The policy seeks to keep an annual cap or ceiling on access to ECB, consistent with prudent debt management.
• The policy also seeks to give greater priority for projects in the infrastructure and core sectors such as Power, oil Exploration, Telecom, Railways, Roads & Bridges, Ports, Industrial Parks and Urban Infrastructure etc. and the export sector.
• Applicants will be free to raise ECB from any internationally recognized source such as banks, export credit agencies, suppliers of equipment, foreign collaborators, foreign equity-holders, international capital markets etc. offers from unrecognized sources will not be entertained.
What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers
We are successfully engaged in rendering services of External Commercial Borrowings. Many individuals and companies have made full use of this service to boost their business venture. We have two broad class of service in relation to External Commercial Borrowing.
• ECB ADVISORY SERVICE: Here you can ask any matters related to External Commercial Borrowings (ECB).
• ECB SOURCING SERVICES: Here we will arrange you the External Commercial Borrowings (ECB), once you qualify our predefined criteria such as Good Project Report, Good Financial Statements, and Promoters Track Records etc. We can arrange for best deals for ECB requirements of the corporate both in terms of interest rates and other commercial terms.

The financial assistance provided through this service is available with full professional competency and that also at comparatively reduced interest rates. That is why our Commercial Borrowings services are the most sought after services we render in the market. And for these reason we have also revolutionized the sector of Commercial Borrowings in India.

Private Equity Funding Advisory

We facilitate in providing Equity funding to the various companies and individuals across the India. We can assist you through some of the leading Private Equity firms who are looking out for prudent investment opportunities in growth oriented companies. We facilitate our Clients sound business plan to attract potential investors to bring forth the synergies for a successful and profitable business venture.
What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers
We are quite active in the placement of Private Equity Capital / Long Term Debt / Preference Share Capital for suitable projects. Promoter funds are raised by placing equity with the private investors for a period of three to five years. The placement is done with or without premium depending on the financial strength of the company. An option for the promoters to buy-back the equity at the end of a predetermined period through the option of right of first refusal can also be structured into the deal. We leverage our deep entrepreneurial consulting experience to advise private equity and venture capital firms on potential investments and acquisitions.
We help private equity and venture capital investors identify, assess and screen potential investments into innovative and high growth companies. Additionally, we provide valuable strategic consulting services to portfolio companies in order to accelerate growth and maximize investors’ return on investment.
Our consulting services include:

• DUE DILIGENCE: We perform comprehensive due diligence services for the purpose of reviewing and investigating investment opportunities.
• BUSINESS PLANNING: We work closely with company management to develop actionable strategic business plans.
• FINANCIAL MODELING: We provide develop full financial projections for emerging businesses, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
• MARKET RESEARCH: We perform strategic market research to assess and validate market opportunities.
• MARKETING SERVICES: We create marketing plans, branding strategies, customer acquisition strategies, and implement integrated internet marketing consulting services to accelerate business growth.
• EXIT PLANNING: We assist portfolio companies with the development of realistic paths to liquidity events for company management and investors.

Feasibility Studies For Businesses

The feasibility study is an evaluation and analysis of the potential of a proposed project which is based on extensive investigation and research to support the process of decision making. A feasibility study’s has main goal is to assess the economic viability of your planned business. The feasibility study requires to answer the question: “Does the idea make economic sense?” This study will provide a thorough analysis of the business opportunity, including a look at all the possible roadblocks that may stand in the way of your success. The conclusion of the feasibility study will indicate whether or not you should proceed with the planned venture. If the results of the feasibility study are positive, then the next step will be to develop a business plan.
If the results show that the project is not a sound business idea, then the project should not be execute. Although it is difficult to accept a feasibility study that shows these results, it is much better to find this out sooner rather than later, when more time and money would have been invested and gone.
We conduct feasibility study for new business start ups wherein we conduct economic- techno study of the investment to be made in new business as an investment decision. We support in preparation of business projections wherein we support the management in preparing the projected balance sheet, projected profit and loss account, and projected cash flows as a part of business projections.
The feasibility study is perhaps most misconceived aspect of developing a new project or Business venture. Yet, it is the most relevant step, as mistakes at this early stage can permanently handicap the project’s performance, perhaps fatally. A good feasibility study is more than just a set of financial projections that is incorporated into the overall business plan. Done properly, it becomes the market-driven strategic plan that is the road map for all consecutive decisions. As much as answering the question “Is a project feasible?” a good market and financial feasibility study also addresses the question of what is most feasible and how should all its aspects be to assure ultimate success.

What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers?

At Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Chartered Accountants and Business consultants, our team of professionals has assisted organizations of many types industries in India to determine the financial feasibility of an ample variety of projects. In each case our many years of hands on experience and understanding of the details that go into developing loyal financial projections has enabled our clientele to make well educated decisions about the viability of their plans.

Finance Project Report Services

Project Report for Bank Loan present a diverse range analytical challenges to its clients and shareholders. Hence, a comprehensive Bank Loan Project Report requires a detailed analysis of the bank’s fiscal transactions that identifies its distinctive risks.
Project appraisal is a generic term that refers to the process of assessing, in a structured way, the case for proceeding with a project or proposal.
Preparation of Project Report and its contents for Project Appraisal for Bank Loan are as under:
• Project Identification Process
• Project Feasibility Study : Economic Feasibility, Technical Feasibility, Marketing Feasibility, Financial Feasibility, Environmental Feasibility
• Details about the Promoters, their educational qualifications, work experience, etc.
• Current Status of the Bank, its products and services, target market, and activities.
• Employees, details about the top management, their educational qualifications, work experience, etc.
• Infrastructure facilities, tools deployed, operational premises, machinery, etc
• Customers, details about them as well as prospective customers
• Regional Operations
• Fiscal acquisitions and tie-ups
• Means of Financing
• Balance Sheet
• Profit and Loss Statements
• Fund Flow Statement
• Chief Ratios
• Break Even Point Evaluations
• Conclusions

What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers?

With the help of our team of financial and legal experts, we are able to undertake numerous projects on preparing Project Report for Finance Arrangement. This helps us in providing our clients with the best financial solutions for maximum benefits. We render these services in compliance with the concerned norms and guidelines.


Our organization has gained prominence for offering Project Reports services that is extensively in demand in various sectors. We provide our clients with Project Report for Finance Arrangement and CMA Data for CC Limit services. For total customer satisfaction, we provide these services in personalized manner to meet the specific requirements of our clients.


Catering to the requirements of various industries, we provide CMA Data for CC Limit to our clients based in Delhi and NCR region. With the help of our team of Legal advisers and financial experts, we are able to offer best advice and solution to our clients. We offer these services in compliance with the regulations.

Risk & Financial Management Services

The situation which remains to affect financial markets has made the safeguarding of liquidity and expansion of net current assets is one of the greatest challenges currently facing by financial departments. Moreover, financial operations are being tested on a regular basis by momentous changes such as acquisitions, mergers and demergers. Statutory stipulations regarding governance and risk management have also become more powerful from year to year. Last but not least, increases in operational efficiency implemented by modern CFOs now apply to the entire organisation – not just their own department.
Many organisations face an intention to provide high quality employee benefits and pension plans as well as spending and expanding its capital wisely. Increasing local legislation connected with a wide array of financial products, investment options and pension schemes, means organisations should seek specialist expertise to help assess, implement and manage the schemes and products which are most important and useful to their needs.
Our financial management practice is at the core of what our company offers as it target on developing and managing enterprise value. Today’s chief financial officer is the operational and strategic leader of a crucial enterprise-wide function, whose core processes, resources and technologies impact nearly every organizational activity. We provide a complete bunch of services to support the CFO, from end-of-period closing to consolidation & reporting and from performance measurement to business risk recognition, revenue cycle enrichment all the way to process outsourcing.

What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers?

Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP suggest and maintain the portfolios of clients from small and medium enterprises through to large corporations. As every organisation has different requirements in terms of employee schemes and investment requirements, suggestion and services will be altered accordingly.
We understand the challenges posed by the new and originating business and risk scenarios. Our solutions combine a full spectrum of services and technologies that help to manage operational, technological, legal and regulatory risks. Our partnership-based engagement model enables clients to focus on their business priorities while leveraging our deep domain expertise, project management and delivery capabilities.
Our risk and financial management services support clients to address their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) challenges. Our innovative, profitable solutions deliver business outcomes that boost performance and improve enterprise value. Their independence and reputation, coupled with an extensive track record means they can guide on the many aspects of corporate financial management, including:
• Employee benefits and insurance packages
• Corporate pensions and retirement schemes
• Corporate investment consultancy
• Build an efficient and effective financial management function focusing on people, processes and technology.
• Design and implement financial consolidation, management reporting and business intelligence tools to provide quality financial and non-financial information to support planning, decision making and control.
• Design and implement effective management processes.
• Specify, select and implement financial consolidation, accounting and reporting information systems.

Business And Asset Valuation Services

Business valuations needs various reasons in the business world like corporate carve-outs, corporate re-organizations, stock options and incentives, collateral values for loans, progression, planning, Impairment Testing, BS(Balance Sheet) Purposes, Mergers and procurement , Intercompany Transfer, Assessment of Import/Export Duty, Corporate recovery / Restructuring / Insolvency, buy/sell agreements, closure and spin-offs, Privatisation, Asset Backed Lending, Sale or Purchase , Insurance, in addition to financial reporting, selling and buying of a business, mergers, and same nature of transactions.


Value of business can be calculated with the help of various models. However, inputs to these models are based on judgment, which you will gather from having hands-on experience. The anticipated value of a business, by using any of these models becomes the focal point at which to make a price tag on any business.


• Fair/ Market Value
• Book value
• substitution Cost
• Net Assets Value


• commensurable sale transaction
• Market Multiples


• Capsulization rates using EBITDA or NOPLAT
• Discounted Cash flow

What Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP Offers?

To conceive the right price is the core business objective for an entity (whether it is the buy-side or sell-side). Accordingly, it is relevant that the transaction is optimally valued in its aspects. We offer expert business valuation services, including
• Financial Reorganization/ Restructuring
• Valuation of the business
• Share Valuation
• Ascertaining the share-swap ratio in case of restructuring
• Mergers/Acquisitions
Ishtar Traders and Consultants LLP can prepare complete valuation for a variety of businesses regardless of size and structure. When valuing a business there are a variety of issues to assess including
• The dynamics of the sector in which the company operates.
• The unique attributes of the company and how the company compares with similar businesses.
• The market perception of the business.
We provide full assistance throughout a merger or joint venture setup. Starting from dialogue with potential partners, setting of strategic directions to documentation and business plan, we will teach you every step of the way.
We honour ourselves on a practical, ethical and professional approach to all valuation issues. Our role is to serve in the best interests of our client, giving best advice, avoiding conflicts of interest and acting with dignity at all times.
We have been undertaking business valuation assignments across various industry sectors such. We are actively undertaking initiative in portfolio valuation for Asset Reconstruction Companies.
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