Every business operates in a regulated environment wherein they are bound to comply with the provisions of law as may apply to them. These regulations are either location-based, activity based and based on the type of entity. First and the foremost thing is to identify, the kind of certification your business needs. In general, the location-based registrations are mandatory in nature whereas the license is to be obtained before commencement of the relevant activity. There are plenty of regulation applicable to a specific industry; a one to one consultation with our specialist shall be a help. To book an appointment, fill the contact us form with a brief note of the nature of your business. The major category of registration and licenses are as under

Registration & Licenses


Shops & Establishment

The purpose of shops and establishment act is to regulate working hours, safety and conditions of work and holidays in private sector. The registration is mandatory all over India and is to be done with local labour office. Non Compliance is a Criminal Offence.

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Trade License

The conduct of trading activity is regulated by the municipality to safeguard safety to the neighborhood and nuisance to the public living near the trading concern. It is mandatory and different fee is collected by the government based on the activity. 


GST Registration

Supply of Goods and Supply is the taxable event for GST, and any person involved in the same have to levy, collect and deposit the GST. The taxpayer is further required to file periodical GST Return and To comply with the above GST Registration is necessary. 


Import Export Code

Import and Export Code is a unique identification of the person registered with the DGFT, which is a prerequisite requirement for doing an Import or Export business in India. IEC is a pan based registration. Hence only one IEC can be obtained against one PAN.


Drug License

To trade in the pharmaceutical items, you need to obtain either a wholesale drug license or a retail license. Many pharma companies market their products after getting it manufactured from the third-party manufacturer and trade under their brand after obtaining drug license.



The business of providing private security guards are blooming these days. However, the security agency needs to obtain a License from the competent authority before starting the business. The license can be taken for one district or many districts of the state. 

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