Business registration licenses are issued by government agencies that permit to the organisation or Business entity to conduct business within the government’s specified jurisdiction. Licenses issued by the local government have been permitted for starting the business activates. Lot of the factors affect for authorisations of business licenses which may include the form of business ownership, such as sole proprietor or corporation, &the number of employees, location of business etc. Business licenses are not only required for new business entity but also required for already established Companies which a certain licenses period gets expired need to file renewal applications.
Many businesses are required more than one license for legally operate in specified jurisdiction; although this seems like a tedious process which may be a time-consuming, expensive and frustrating to deal with. This is very much important for business owners to abide by the law and obtain the necessary licenses / certification to operate their business. Starting a business without the having respective business license registration is considered as illegal and if they are found in non-compliance, then it may put the business owner at the risk for closure, with heavy penalties and interest etc.

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