Directors are appointed by the shareholders of a Company for the management of a Company. As per new company Act 2013, a Private Limited Company is required to have a minimum of two Directors and a Limited Company is required to have a minimum of three Directors. On the other hand, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) has Designated Partners and Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 requires each LLP to have a minimum of two Designated Partners.
Appointment or removal of a Director or Designated Partners maybe required due to various reasons.To add a Director or Designated Partner, Digital Signature must first be obtained for the proposed Director. Once, Digital Signature is obtained, the proposed Director can be added into the Company with the consent of the shareholders. To remove a Director from a Company or LLP, it is important to ensure the Company or a LLP would have the minimum required number of Director or Designated Partner after removal of the Director. If so, then the resignation letter along with the required form must be filed to effect the resignation of the Director.
As per new company Act 2013- Board of Directors can appoint Additional Directors by filing Form DIR-12

Documents Required For Appointment Of Directors By Board

• Signed DIR-2
• Appointment Letter of Director
• Rs. 100000 for becoming a Director (to be refunded to director after he is regularized)
• Notice for Appointment
• MBP-1 as declaration for Interest in other Entities
• Copy of PAN and Address Proof to be submitted to board.

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