All organisations enlisted in Singapore are needed to keep legitimate books of records by law. You can outsource our accountants to aggregate your accounts data for submission to ACRA (Annual Returns) and IRAS (Tax). 
At Ishtar Traders & Consultants LLP, our bookkeepers endeavour to convey a full range of bookkeeping administrations.
Our accounting bundle gives the accompanying; 
  • Proficient bookkeeping administrations gave on month to month, quarterly and yearly premise dictated by you. 
  • Articulation of Financial Position, Statement of Comprehensive Income, Trial Balance and General Ledger. 
  • Our bundle can likewise incorporate aggregation of Unaudited Financial Statements as required. 
Kindly reach us with the accompanying subtleties so we can give you a citation: 
  • Organization name 
  • Business nature 
  • Any timetable is set up to screen the deals made by the Company 
  • Any timetable is set up to screen the buys caused by the Company 
  • Any private utilization of the financial balance 
  • The number of pages of the bank explanation every month 
  • Anticipated month to month income and number of deals exchanges. 
  • Anticipated number of exchanges for costs and buys caused during the monetary year 
  • GST enlisted or not? 
  • Some other unique thing like recruit buy, advance is gotten 
  • Cash engaged with deals and buy (Type of unfamiliar money) 
  • A year ago budget summary with detail pay proclamation (not relevant for the recently arrangement organization) 
  • Recurrence of arrangement of records – Monthly premise, Quarterly premise, Half yearly premise, or Annual premise 
  • Does your Company has any inner bookkeeping programming and do you need our bookkeeper to perform nearby? 
  • Does the record should be reviewed? 
  • What number of staff is recruited during the monetary year? 
After taking up our accounting administrations, we will require the accompanying data: 
(Your appointed bookkeeper will manage you in detail) 
  • Bank Statements (a year) 
  • Check records (gave and got ) 
  • Trivial Cash Vouchers 
  • Deals and Purchase orders/solicitations 
  • Installment Vouchers (counting providers and costs) 
  • Finance Vouchers (counting easygoing work, cleaner and seasonal worker) 
  • CPF Statement/Foreign Worker Levy (If Applicable) 
  • Deals/Credit Note/Debit Notes 
  • Getting/Hire Purchase/Tenancy Agreement (If Applicable) 
  • Unpaid Suppliers’ Invoices 
  • Resource and stock, and so on
Accumulation of Unaudited Financial Statements 
(In agreement to Singapore FRS) 
Section 201 of the Companies Act expresses the prerequisites for heads of Singapore joined organizations to plan budget summaries that follow Accounting Standards (additionally usually known as Financial Reporting Standards). The Companies Act characterizes “Bookkeeping Standards” as “bookkeeping guidelines made or defined by the Accounting Standards Council under Part III of the Accounting Standards Act 2007 (Cap 2B)”. In this manner, Financial Reporting Standards (“FRSs”) gave by the Accounting Standards Council (“AS Council”) have the power of law. This incorporates Interpretations of Financial Reporting Standards (“INT FRSs”). 
Organizations may express that their fiscal summaries have been set up as per FRS just on the off chance that they have consented to all FRSs and INT FRSs gave by the AS Council that are relevant to them. 
The legal fiscal summaries for organizations are documented with ACRA when recording the Annual Returns, along with the Directors’ Report and Statement by Directors. Note that the Directors’ Report and Statement by Directors are not piece of the budget summaries. 
Our Compilation of Unaudited Financial Statement bundle will include: 
  • Chiefs’ Report 
  • Proclamation by Directors 
  • Articulation of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) 
  • Articulation of Comprehensive Income (Profit and Loss) 
  • Proclamation of Changes in Equity 
  • Proclamation of Cash Flow 
  • Noted to the Financial Statements.
Goods & Services Tax (GST) is a broad-based consumption tax levied on the import of goods (collected by Singapore Customs), as well as nearly all supplies of goods and services in Singapore. The only exemptions are for the sale and lease of residential properties, the importation and local supply of investment precious metals and the provision of most financial services. Export of goods and international services are zero-rated. In some countries, GST is known as the Value Added Tax (VAT).  
Contact us, we will explain in detail how Singapore GST works and advise you on the benefits and trade-offs by being GST registered.
Our GST Services includes:
  • GST Form 5 Preparation for GST returns to IRAS
  • GST Registration
  • Conduct GST assisted self-help kit (ASK)*
We can also help you ensure full compliance by: 
  • Reviewing your GST practices and recommend essential and good practices into your internal processes
  • Providing you with a complete checklist for filing of GST return so that you do not make errors.
  • Conducting GST compliance review
*Note: GST assisted self-help kit (ASK) is compulsory if you are applying for any of the following GST schemes:
  • Import GST Deferment Scheme (IGDS);
  • Approved Marine Customer Scheme (AMCS);
  • Approved Contract Manufacturer and Trader (ACMT) Scheme;
  • Approved Refiner and Consolidator Scheme (ARCS);
  • Major Exporter Scheme (MES); or
  • Approved Import GST Suspension Scheme (AISS).
Or if you are renewing any of the following:
  • Import GST Deferment Scheme (IGDS);
  • Major Exporter Scheme (MES); or
  • Approved Contract Manufacturer and Trader (ACMT) Scheme

GST on Imported Services 

From 01 Jan 2020 onwards, Singapore imposes GST on imported administrations through the accompanying techniques: 
Switch charge system for Business-to-Business (“B2B”) supplies of imported administrations. B2B supplies allude to provisions made to GST-enrolled substances; and 
Abroad seller enlistment system for Business-to-Consumer (“B2C”) supplies of imported computerized administrations. B2C supplies allude to provisions made to non-GST enrolled people, which incorporate people and all elements that are not enlisted for GST.
Tax Planning and Tax Returns Services 
  • Corporate Tax advancement arranging and documenting administration 
  • Arrangement of assessment calculation, improved to limit your expense liabilities. 
  • Submit Company Tax returns and Appendixes to IRAS. (Structure C/Form C-S) 
  • Yearly ECI filing
  • Sole Proprietor/Partnership/LLP Tax streamlining arranging and documenting administration (Form P, B1, B) 
  • Singapore Certificate of Residence Application (COR) 
Organization Tax Obligations: 
The accompanying annual assessment documenting commitments will apply to all organizations, aside from torpid organizations for which IRAS has postponed the necessity to record the Income Tax Return (Form C/Form C-S): 
  • Filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) inside a quarter of a year from your monetary year-end; and 
  • Filing of Income Tax Return (Form C/Form C-S) on your genuine pay by 30 Nov in the year following the monetary year. 
What is a COR? 
A COR is a letter guaranteeing that the organization is an assessment inhabitant in Singapore to guarantee benefits under the Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement (DTA).
All Singapore joined organizations (limitless or restricted by shares) except if absolved are needed to document their fiscal reports with ACRA will be needed to record a full arrangement of budget summaries in XBRL design. 
By and large, all Insolvent Exempt Private Companies (EPCs) will be needed to document XBRL. If it’s not too much trouble refer to ACRA website for current exception measures. 
Our Services include
  • Preparation of full set of financial statements in XBRL format
  • Preparation of full set of financial statements in XBRL format
  • Ensuring that the Bizfile Validation is completed and approved.
Documents needed for arrangement of XBRL reporting: 
FRS Financial Report in MS Word design. Extra charges apply if just PDF design is available.