Accounting Software enables you to easily do invoicing, accept payments, track expenses, manage payroll and manage bookkeeping functions. Certain version of the software is able to custom to the industry that you are in (i.e. Construction, manufacturing, trading, retail, professional services and etc.), thus saving time in your management of items such as cost to completion, estimated cost, cost of goods and time & expenses.

Ishtar Traders & Consultants LLP can advise you on the suitable software and assist in the setup. 

At Ishtar Traders & Consultants LLP, we will use our experience to identify the right IT infrastructure for your business.  (i.e. Telecommunication, Call centre, Servers, POS, NAS, Network, Software, Service providers, Security)

We will also be able to assist you in executing your IT plan.

Our Logo, Website Design and Development Services are offered intensive our subsidiary full time planners, picture takers and web engineers. We can assist you with building up an amazing web presence which will improve your effort to your objective market. 
For Logo Design: 
Our Designers will have the option to custom make delightful craftsmanship for your logo or brand utilizing Photoshop CS 6 in high goal. We will work with you through the creation cycle, utilizing your data sources and desires to make a unique fine art that you can call your own. 
For Website Design and Development: 
We prescribe our customers to utilize Joomla to fabricate their sites. Joomla is an honor winning substance the board framework (CMS), which empowers you to fabricate Web locales and ground-breaking on the web applications. A substance the board framework is programming that monitors each piece of substance on your Website; similar as your nearby open library monitors books and stores them. Substance can be straightforward content, photographs, music, video, records, or pretty much anything you can consider. A significant preferred position of utilizing a CMS is that it requires basically no specialized expertise or information to oversee. 
A common site can comprise of 5-8 Menu Headers with 15-30 pages of substance oversaw in an expert format, where you should simply to place in the substance into every site page. You can without much of a stretch figure out how to deal with the site yourself, or let us do it for you.

Our retail and commercial design Service is offered thorough our affiliated award winning professional partners.  They specialize in creative concepts for restaurants, fashion retail and artistic spaces.

Trademark Registration Services include: 
  • Conduct Trademark Search and application. 
  • Oversee relevant regulatory authorities during the trademark registration process. Generally, the trademark registration cycle will take at least 4 to a half year. (1 to 3 months to be handled by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), and an additional 3 months for potential resistance procedures). 
What is a Trademark? 
An exchange mark is an indication that you can use to recognize your business’ products or administrations from those of different merchants. 
An exchange imprint can be addressed graphically as your organization’s logo or a mark. 
Through an enlisted exchange mark, you can secure your image (or “imprint”) by limiting others from utilizing its name or logo. 
When obtained, an exchange imprint can keep going inconclusively as long as you restore it like clockwork. Since an enlisted exchange mark is a type of IP, you can permit or allot it to other people. 
Letters, words, names, marks, names, gadgets, tickets, shapes, colors or any mixes of these components can be enrolled as an exchange mark however an imprint should be particular and equipped for recognizing your merchandise or administrations from comparative ones of different brokers. 
The following are some regular instances of marks that can’t be enrolled as an trademark: 
  • Imprints that are enlightening (for example super, best, modest, one dozen) 
  • Imprints that are regular to your exchange (ones that have gotten very much acknowledged corresponding to your exchange and don’t recognize the products or administration you are advertising) 
  • Imprints that could outrage or advance indecent conduct 
  • Tricky imprints (ones that could distort the nature, quality or topographical starting point of the merchandise or administrations) 
  • Imprints that are indistinguishable from prior imprints 
  • Imprints that could create turmoil (comparable or indistinguishable from a prior imprint and according to comparative or indistinguishable products or administrations given by the proprietors of the previous imprint) 
  • Imprints that are indistinguishable or like Well Known Marks